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Zapatista are not libertarian this or authoritarian that.

Zapatista arent something something leftists or whatever kind of marxist.

Zapatista arent this or that or any other thing yts can put in a box and classify.

They are Zapatista and they struggle.

Its disgusting to see yts using the struggle of people they genocided and whose lands they robbed to advance their own agendas.

Whatever yts are trying to be, Zapatista arent.

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Imad Mughniyeh, a Hizb'allahi whose name you should know

"He is the most dangerous terrorist we've ever faced. He's a pathological murderer," says longtime CIA agent Bob Baer, who has chased Mugniyah for years. "Mugniyah is probably the most intelligent, most capable operative we've ever run across, including the KGB or anybody else. He enters by one door, exits by another, changes his cars daily, never makes appointments on a telephone, never is predictable. He only uses people that are related to him that he can trust. He doesn't just recruit people. He is the master terrorist, the grail that we have been after since 1983."

That's when Mugniyah began his bloody career. He is accused of planning the bombing of the Beirut Marine barracks, murdering 241 Americans. He is the prime suspect in two bombings of America's embassy in Beirut. Then in 1985, Mugniyah was identified as the man behind the brutal hijacking of a jet bound for Rome. Among the passengers was American Navy diver Robert Stethem. Mugniyah and his men beat Stethem for hours, then shot him and dumped his body onto the tarmac.

For two decades, Mugniyah has been so elusive that even capturing his image is difficult. Before the mission, SEAL platoon commander Tom Short was handed one of the few photos to help identify Mugniyah when he and his team were ordered to take over the Ibn Tufail. It was, he says, a very important mission.

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The "white ally" is a myth.
There's no such thing, except in your dreams.

I've been physically attacked by yts back when I actually considered these pathetic things were serious about violent revolution or decolonization.

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Actually I made a mistake, its not definitive of yt racism on mastodon. Its definitive of the entire yt left.

The yts must always be coddled, god forbid they have to learn how to be people. And our bodies are paved over to make their road to discovering humanity, which they will never drive down.

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Its weird how much the western left likes to drool over the oppression in other countries.

Focus on your own shithole country and your own miserable wretched existence.

Your shit hole countries have some of the highest crime rates, highest imprisonment rates, worst healthcare systems, worst education systems, most unemployment.

Get your own house in order before you give the rest of us advice, and quit acting like your life, knowledge,or bravery in any way approaches the rest of us.

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yts were built to make us unsafe

They actually have a lifetime warranty if they ever become dysfunctional then their owners can send them to be replaced

Overnight shipping is included in the warranty

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Its weird that the first thought most americans have when learning of a good target is to call a corporation.

The resistance axis once learned of a target in Lebanon filled with american and french soldiers. We didn't call anyone from their side. We just showed up unannounced.


Before and after pictures
Deaths: 241 usa, 58 french

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Revolutionaries in the global south:
Organizes militias and trains normal people to use guns and defend themselves from foreign invasion
Develops the economy to work for everyone
Expands education and healthcare
Builds a science sector the envy of the colonized world

The western left:
Those arent real revolutionaries!
Real revolutionaries are the ones that smash starbucks windows, like me and my cool friends

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Things that should be bannable offenses mastodon white (feel free to add):

- Being white and not content warning every single post you make, the content warnings should be content warned.
- telling a person of color they are not left enough while white
- telling a person of color to content warn lived experience while white
- telling a person of color to content warn anything while white
- being 100% white and not being completely ashamed of it.

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i fucking hate to read. i hate words. i hate writers. i will tear into a book with my teeth and cry and scream as i formulate my analysis

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I think Slavs should be the masters of western europe. Do to the western euros what they did to everyone else

Enslave everyone and work them to death on plantations
Breed them
Force them to convert to orthodox Christianity
Force them into illiteracy by killing anyone that learns to read
Send them to empty mines to mine gold, and when they fail chop their hands off
Bomb their weddings until white kids become afraid of the sky
Erase their history

I believe in the Slavs
You can do it

superheroes are just furries who like beating poor people

people compare modern US to rome but we are basically just post colonial britain sawing our own legs off and blaming it on immigrants

my dad in 2016: trump is a god fearing man who will restore things to their proper places

my dad in 2020: welp time to go!

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